Typography and Expression.

Prompt 1: Define yourself typographically using three serif and three non-serif faces. The most significant letters of my name, and those I usually choose to exaggerate in writing are the R and S. As a result, I noticed myself paying particular attention to the foot, arm and beek of those letters. I don’t usually use serif fonts in writing, but upon examining the anatomy of each typeface, found a newfound appreciation for serifed fonts. In the end, I chose the following fonts to set my name in. Full slides here.all-types-001Prompt 2: Create 3 expressive words. After looking at the examples presented in class and shared in the resources, I toyed around with a few ideas and came up with the below.stilletos-01

Typeface: Parisian BT
____________________________________________________________________________coil-01____________________________________________________________________________magnify-01Typeface: Gotham Book