Color Composition & Analysis.

Prompt : Over a period of 3 days document your life by taking photographs of various scenes and experiences and identify a color palette of your life.

As someone who often refers to pictures in my phone for on-demand inspiration, I really enjoyed analyzing the very random assortment you see below. I was fortunate to grow up in a very colorful environment, both at home with my family and outside, among friends. Being of South Asian descent, I find myself naturally drawn to bright, vibrant colors thrown together with monochrome whites and grays. Not surprisingly, the predominant colors I pulled from my selection of photos confirmed my initial thoughts. 
untitled-4At first glance, the color palette above gives the impression of a mixed bag, so I wanted to combine the colors and come up with an “alternative” color wheel of sorts. Admittedly, I’m also very taken with the recent trend of “paint-mixing” videos, which likely inspired the below.