Personal Brand Design.

Following last week’s discussion around logo and brand design, we were tasked with creating a business card to communicate our personal brand. I’m still exploring interests and potential career paths at ITP, so rather than create a cart that pigeon-holed me into a particular specialization, I decided to keep my personal business card design rather vague. In keeping with my personal design aesthetic, I knew I wanted to keep the overall look-and-feel as minimal as possible.

I started by sketching out a draft on paper to better understand text placement and the information I wanted to communicate. image2-1Next, I mocked up the business card in Illustrator. To avoid having a cookie-cutter business card (e.g. American Psycho example), I decided to manipulate and exaggerate the text slightly. Here is the final product:business-card-final-01To avoid printing each card individually and pasting the front and back, I exported a sheet of each side from Illustrator into a PDF, then merged the front and back PDF files and printed them two-sided. The last step was to cut! Which coincidentally was the hardest part of this entire process. The colors didn’t come out quite as I would have liked…further proof that what you see on screen is not what you’d necessarily see on print. I’m generally satisfied with the end product but would definitely like to continue working on my card so it fully communicates my brand.