Midterm: The SoundLamp.

I was teamed with Jarone and Samantha for our midterm project. After some deliberating, we decided to further explore a project that Samantha had started during her labs: an led “lamp” that responded to changes in volume by changing colors. The initial prototype involved a microphone sensor and one LED and after some initial brainstorming, we decided to improve upon the user experience by adding two additional microphone sensors and LEDs, with the goal of creating a smooth RBG spectrum of colors.

We started by creating the circuit with one microphone sensor and one LED and focused on refining the arduino code:


Once the initial responsive “red” LED worked, we added additional LEDs for the “green” and “blue” values side by side.


In an attempt to vary the RBG values, we decided to spread out the three microphone sensors (as much as the wiring would allow).


To close the loop, we decided to create a P5 sketch that mirrored the RGB values using serial. The initial idea was to create a frequency wave with three variables, one for each color value, however we ran into some snags — namely the fact that our sketch seemed to freeze often, which was likely due to the fact that we used punctuation vs. call and response. Without the time constraints, we would have likely had more time to debug and troubleshoot.

Final working prototype: